Learner Feedback

At the end of every course run by Quality Service Skills, we actively seek to gather feedback from our learners.

Learners are asked to rate our training course, on everything from facilities, resources, trainer engagement and support services.

We also invite learners to comment on the best aspects of the training, as well as any opportunities for improvement.

You can read some of our learner feedback here:


‘Dynamic Instruction, clear direction’

‘Was very informative, and laid back’

‘Tutor was clear and articulate’

‘Trainer was great and knowledgeable’

‘Really relatable and very easy to talk to’

‘ Relaxed, friendly atmosphere’

‘Practical skills learned easily’

‘Training was very engaging’

‘Trainer was excellent, enjoyed the course’.

Additionally, we have received constructive feedback as well. We don’t hide from that:

‘Was a bit confused about the order of the assessments’  – QSS have since re-ordered the assessment tasks within the CPR/First Aid Assessment Book

‘Venue could improve internet connection’ – QSS was unable to improve this as the training was held at an employers place of business. But we would, if we could!